The secrets command is used to manage passwords, ssh keys, git keys, credentials, and other sensitive information that might be required by an action. These values are not visible to users after they are stored in the database, but actions users can execute may access them.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Secrets

outbit> secrets add name=neptune_rootpw secret='verysecretpassword' desc="root pw for neptune server"
  created secret neptune_rootpw
outbit> secrets edit name=neptune_rootpw secret="newpassword" desc="root pw for neptune server"
  modified secret neptune_rootpw
outbit> secrets list
  desc="root pw for neptune server"   name="neptune_rootpw"   secret="..." status="encrypted"
outbit> secrets del name=neptune_rootpw
  deleted secret neptune_rootpw

Examples of migrating secrets encrypted with an older “encryption_password” or unencrypted secrets

outbit> secrets encryptpw
  secret secretusingoldpw encrypted using new password
outbit> secrets encryptpw name=noencsecret
  secret noencsecret updated to new password